What Inspires Us

Our Story

Muffetta Naturals is more than an eco-friendly cleaning solutions company; it is a passionate lifestyle brand. This lifestyle was born out of a need and 3 important factors for Jamaica-born Founder Muffetta Krueger.

  • Muffetta comes from a long line of natural born herbalists. Her strong Jamaican mother insisted on using all things natural. In her native Jamaica, her mother would just step outside in the yard and gather fruits, flowers, herbs, and bushes to make everything from health remedies, cleaners, skin care and more. It is only natural that she was inspired by her Jamaican Heritage to develop the eco-friendly Muffetta Naturals.
  • Passing out from exposure to bleach years ago, Muffetta realized that people’s lives could be transformed if she manufactured products made with purity, passion and all-natural ingredients.
  • Growing exhausted by working in corporations that aspired solely to profit without giving back to their communities.


Muffetta Naturals aspires to transform people’s lives and challenge people to feel good through household and personal care with Mother Nature and delectable ingredients and fragrances.
Muffetta Naturals products were created out of a need. Back in 2002 when Muffetta started her green cleaning company she wanted to use products that would not affect her health, her workers or her customers. She was not happy with the products that were on the market and wanted to use products that could work on tough jobs without harsh chemicals. Muffetta’s past experiences have led her to create Muffetta Naturals products.

Our Pledge

  1. Create, manufacture and distribute products made with all-natural ingredients for home and body to enrich the lives of humans, pets and the environment itself.
  2. Commitment to use the best, most natural herbs & ingredients.
  3. Commitment to care about our customers values and concerns.
  4. Consistency and Reliability, Compelling Value, Offering Something different from the competition.
  5. Promote an inclusive workplace and give back to the community.
  6. Apply sustainable measures in all facets of our company.
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