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Muffetta Naturals is a NYC-based, internationally distributed eco-friendly household cleaning and personal care products company with the mission of providing products that are safe, fragrant and effective.
Our personal care lineuses blended oils in our products made from all-natural botanicals that are specially formulated to regenerate and re-hydrate skin.The company offers a breadth of personal care products including;Body washes, body butters, lotions and oils, shampoos, conditioners, baby products and spa products formulated with natural, exotic and certified organic ingredients.This offers a healthy alternative to synthetic ingredients. We promise to hydrate and renew one body at a time using nature’s best ingredients. Our household cleaning products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients.
Muffetta’s stands behind their commitment of bettering the quality of life for all by manufacturing products without perfumes, chlorine bleach, dyes, volatile cleaning compounds, parabens, ammonia, mineral spirits, sodium laurel sulfate, animal ingredients, sulphates, petroleum, or artificial colorings.

The Team


Muffetta Krueger is the owner of a domestic service providing housekeeping and cleaning services in Westchester NY using eco friendly products. Muffetta began developing her own eco-friendly cleaning products back in 2003 when she decided to start her own eco cleaning company. Not wanting to subject herself or her employees she researched and developed products that were gentle and effective using minerals, essential oils and herbal extracts. Muffetta had the experience of passing out from bleach years prior to starting the company so the types of products to use were a priority. Clients loved the idea of the company using our own natural made products and the employees also liked and appreciated it.


Technical Officer and Owner at Pacbasin, he has been working with Muffetta’s Natural since 2008 as a consultant. He now specializes in consumer products development and testing. Mr Mercado has worked in the following capacities as Chemist consultant at Techvanguard Technology and Research Consultant at Guideline * Quality Assurance Manager at Chemtec Chemical. Instrument Systems Consultant, Quality Assurance Specialist * Formulator * Pharmaceutical Products Consultant * Instrument Systems Consultant * Quality Assurance Specialist and Sensor Projects Manager. Education – Polytechnic University MS, Chemsitry 1996 – 1998, University of Rochester MS, Optics 1988 – 1990 and Stevens Institute of Technology B.E., Engineering Physics, 1984 – 1988.


Nicholle graduated from The University of Technology in 1998 with a BSc in Administrative Management and earned her MBA in Business Administration from Florida International University in 2004. Nicholle has over 20 years experience working with major international companies in various administrative management, as well as brand management roles, she is regarded as the go-to person in offering consumer insights resulting in positive impact on the bottom line. From 2000 – 2007, Nicholle worked at PepsiAmericas – Jamaica in various roles, most recent being that of Brand Manager- Pepsi and later all Carbonated Beverages. While there she was primarily the gatekeeper and guardian of the associated brands. In a quest to enhance the lives of those she encounters, she is furthering her studies in Massage Therapy while incorporating the use of natural and organic products in her practice.
Nicholle now works with a leading marketing and advertising company in Portland, Maine and lends her marketing skills to Muffetta’s Natural .


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